Easy English 4

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Let peace and harmony prevail

  • God bless us to have peace and harmony.
  • .God help us to live in peace.
  • .We are not aggressors.
  • We want to live in peace.
  • Help us solve all our problems mutually for the benefit of all Indians and And the whole of India.
  • Save us from our neighbours who want to disturb our peace.
  • Grand us these boons.
  • We are happy and contented with what we have
  • .Please make them follow “LIVE AND LET LIVE”  policy.
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let us learn American English

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peace,love,harmony and happiness



God bless us all to live in peace and let there be harmony and good health to enjoy this life with all

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I love all children

Children are like flowers,
They have to be taken care
As we take care of flowers..
You have to give them enough
Sun-shine and water and
The right place to grow.

When they grow,
When they bring buds,
You wait until they
And they will spread
Cheers and happiness
To all and everywhere.
God Bless the flowers
and bless us all.

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English 6

Who  are you? Krishna
Where are you? In Mathura
Why are you here? to take part in the Games.
Who is conducting the Games? Kamsa
why is he conducting this? to welcome us  and kill us.
Where are you now? Near the KUWALAYA PEETA elephant.
why? Kamsa wants to kill us with the help of the elephant.
Can you fight with the elephant? Yes .Why not?
Have you killed the elephant? yes.
With what did you kill the elephant? with its tusks.
Who are awaiting for you at the entrance? The wrestlers.
Can you fight with them? yes. why not.
Have you won  and defeated them in wrestling? yes .Both are killed by us.
Who is  the other one with you? Balaram,my brother.
Have you met your uncle Kamsa? Yes
How did you kill him? with my fists.
Who is now the king of Mathura? KING Ugrasena.
What about your mother and father? you mean Devaki and Vasudeva?
Have you released them from the jail? Yes.
Where are you both going now? to our school
Who is your teacher? Sage Sandeepani
Why must you go to him? To learn Vedas and Shastras.
You know everything. why must you go?
To give respect and regard to the traditions and culture.
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