Middleclass-self-help-Mutual Benefit

  • 100 of you join together and deposit Rs.500/-every month.That will amount to Rs.50,000/-

  • Invest this money in the bank. @ even 5 percent or more.

  • Those of you in need  Can avail a loan against your deposit 50 p.c. of your deposit at the rate of 10 percent.

  • say 20 of you avail this emergency loan for medical treatment, or for any emergency purposes ,You avail a loan of Rs.250 /- amounting to Rs, 5000 at the rate of 10p.c.

  • This must be repaid as early as possible and allowing others to enjoy this privilege.

  • In the period of one full year you may have a sum of Rs. 600000/-

  • Likewise  the amount will go on increasing and the interest received from the bank as well as int.paid by you can be left  or distributed or credited to your account.

  • You will really benefit from  this.

  • Still if you have doubts to be cleared, you can mail me sprout1932@gmail.com

  • This is the Self-help and for Mutual Benefit.

  • Wish you all good luck and comfortable living with less worries.


About mutualhelp

i am here to help everyone who needs to guide and assist.please take my help and do me a favor
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