What do I want to do

  1. Harm no one, Hurt no one, at any cost,

  2. No matter what the situations are,

  3. Bless them that curse me,

  4. And forgive them for

  5. They do not know what to do

  6. As Jesus rightly said.

  7. cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
  8. Speak no evil, See no evil,

  9. Hear no evil, Talk no ill of anyone,

  10. Either in the front or in the back,

  11. Stand and wait ,watch and see ,

  12. As the witness in the world,

  13. What’s going on.

  14. Be an Onlooker and see

  15. The wonderful works of God.


About mutualhelp

i am here to help everyone who needs to guide and assist.please take my help and do me a favor
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