How can Indians help themselves?

Life is for living,smiling ,laughing and enjoying.

We need not depend upon the State Govt. or the Central Govt

.In a community of 10000 if everyone contributes a sum of Rs.150/- monthly, daily Rs 5/ , this will amount to Rs.15,oo,ooo/-.This money can be deposited in any good bank and it will start earning interest from next month.

After 6 months any member can avail a loan of Rs.5000/- at the rate of 12 pc. simple interest.This loan is to be repaid in 10 instalments.

So that the money will rotate and there will be good turnover and maximum number of members can be helped. If there are more than 10 members then the chits or lots to be drawn and loans given to such people who got the chance.

If this continues in a sincere pattern it will amount to a big amount and the loans can be taken for any purpose to create wealth.




About mutualhelp

i am here to help everyone who needs to guide and assist.please take my help and do me a favor
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