What is o21c?

If you can write 10lines on this, you will stand to get appreciation and also a suitable reward for correct deciphering. You can send in your info. To sprout1932@gmail.com on or before 26 th Jan 2018.

If you can really find what is ,why is and how is You May get a good gift too. Wish you good luck.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Middleclass-self-help-Mutual Benefit

  • 100 of you join together and deposit Rs.500/-every month.That will amount to Rs.50,000/-

  • Invest this money in the bank. @ even 5 percent or more.

  • Those of you in need  Can avail a loan against your deposit 50 p.c. of your deposit at the rate of 10 percent.

  • say 20 of you avail this emergency loan for medical treatment, or for any emergency purposes ,You avail a loan of Rs.250 /- amounting to Rs, 5000 at the rate of 10p.c.

  • This must be repaid as early as possible and allowing others to enjoy this privilege.

  • In the period of one full year you may have a sum of Rs. 600000/-

  • Likewise  the amount will go on increasing and the interest received from the bank as well as int.paid by you can be left  or distributed or credited to your account.

  • You will really benefit from  this.

  • Still if you have doubts to be cleared, you can mail me sprout1932@gmail.com

  • This is the Self-help and for Mutual Benefit.

  • Wish you all good luck and comfortable living with less worries.

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What do I want to do

  1. Harm no one, Hurt no one, at any cost,

  2. No matter what the situations are,

  3. Bless them that curse me,

  4. And forgive them for

  5. They do not know what to do

  6. As Jesus rightly said.

  7. cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
  8. Speak no evil, See no evil,

  9. Hear no evil, Talk no ill of anyone,

  10. Either in the front or in the back,

  11. Stand and wait ,watch and see ,

  12. As the witness in the world,

  13. What’s going on.

  14. Be an Onlooker and see

  15. The wonderful works of God.

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How can Indians help themselves?

Life is for living,smiling ,laughing and enjoying.

We need not depend upon the State Govt. or the Central Govt

.In a community of 10000 if everyone contributes a sum of Rs.150/- monthly, daily Rs 5/ , this will amount to Rs.15,oo,ooo/-.This money can be deposited in any good bank and it will start earning interest from next month.

After 6 months any member can avail a loan of Rs.5000/- at the rate of 12 pc. simple interest.This loan is to be repaid in 10 instalments.

So that the money will rotate and there will be good turnover and maximum number of members can be helped. If there are more than 10 members then the chits or lots to be drawn and loans given to such people who got the chance.

If this continues in a sincere pattern it will amount to a big amount and the loans can be taken for any purpose to create wealth.



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One in 3163 stands for to inform all that there is only one God.

All are one in the whole world.




Everyone is unique in this world.

Each one comes into this world alone and leaves the world alone as one.

Each one has his own tastes,opinions and preferences.

3 stands for  three main Gods of the Hindus.Good  denotes God .Generator- Creator.Brahma Operator-protector-Maha Vishnu Destroyer- for Salvation- Siva.”Guru Brahma,Gurur Vishnu,Gurur devo Maheshwara,Guru Sakshaath Para Brahma thasmai sri Guraveh Namaha.”







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Listen to Radio Loyalty and enjoy

listen and enjoy

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Mutual aid and Mutual help

  1. We can help ourselves instead of depending on the State or Central Govt.
  2. We need not be at the mercy of the  leaders and members of the ruling party.
  3. We can take a district and find how many of the residents are there.
  4. There  must be NO Political Party involvement.
  5. Select 5 FIVE decent.honest members who are really working towards the residents benefit and welfare.
  6. These honest members will be paid an honorarium to maintain proper working and accounting.
  7. Every individual resident interested in joining can make an yearly payment of Rs. 240/-
  8. This amount must be paid into the bank account.
  9. Say 1000 members X240= 240000.
  10. Likewise the district can have  4 divisions East, West, North and South.
  11. The money collected must be deposited in any bank who is interested to help the common people and members “MUTUAL AID Fund.”
  12. The bank will act as the trustee for the fund  and any disbursal will be made only with the consent of all the 5  members committee and the bank’s manager.
  13. Any one who plays mischief must be immediately thrown off with an advt. in all the Newspapers.
  14. Those who are in favor and against  and having different views may please make the ball rolling.
  15. The members of MUTUAL AID FUND must get equal opportunity to enjoy the privileges.
  16. Names of the members must be written on chits and selected at random by a child of 5 years.
  17. This amount can be paid to the member actually suffered heavy loss, loss of property.loss of the earning member of the family,loss of income due to real and valid reasons.












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